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Koyan Rest House

What is it?

The Koyan visitor house is lies in the focal point of Rawalakot Ajk, offering an incomparable dimension of administration and individual consideration. A getaway from the bustling avenues of the city, it offers a warm welcome to all who go through the entryway.

our Services

Perfect clean environment

Rooms are up-to-date and well-appointed.The well-enriched rooms accompany cooling, a TV and a minibar. All staff individuals were mindful and welcomed you with a grin. The rooms were perfect. koyan visitor house is twenty moment away structure Rawalakot city.Koyan visitor house s an incredible decision for explorers intrigued ordinarily.

The best facilities for visitors

The Koyan visitor house is contemplative and personal, and welcomes you to encounter the genuine welcome of Rawalakot Ajk.Perfectly adjusted and interesting in each region, the Koyan visitor house is quieting to the spirit and joys every one of the individuals who remain .